Dear Katrina Bennett. Enjoy Your Name On The Wall. You Deserve it!

Dear Katrina,

If you’re reading this letter, it’s time to say goodbye. And as this time has come, there is so much I want to say to you.

Early days Katrina

Since you’ve first come around, hard shell and full of layers, you were the person I always felt I wanted to know better. The mystery behind your serious demeanor made me wonder “who is that woman?” And, oh, Katrina, am I glad to have had the chance to find out, to have seen your fierceness, your strength, your vulnerability, your intelligence, your kindness, and, most of all, your loyalty.

Katrina, do you even realize how relatable you are? From everything like your migraine crisis to only having had one serious relationship that you broke both of your hearts, to putting you goals above everything else in life, I could see myself. As the girl whose life could never stop — who went through high school, college and grad school with migraines (and people would always stare and wonder how I wasn’t hidden under a blanket with the lights out) — and it still doesn’t, because, I swear on whatever’s sacred to me, I am writing this with my head throbbing after a day of sitting with my father during chemo, doing yoga, RPG, a doctor’s appointment — seeing you get through life and live it despite your crisis made me feel like less of an alien for not stopping everything because of it, it made me feel normal and inspired and it made me root for you even more.

Katrina ready to fight

Katrina, do you even realize how powerful you are? How with each layer of yourself you uncover you become more of a human we want to be best friends with? With your perfectionism — and I so wish we could have had time to see where that came from — your drive to succeed and your fierce fierce loyalty. Your personal moral standards and ethics above all — even yourself — but not above your friends. Do you realize how powerful that makes you? Someone who fights for the well being of others at all costs, even of herself?

In all these years, no one has deserved to have that name on the wall more than you have. From the time you were Louis associate, and when you worked for Zane, and then back at your firm, no one has shown more integrity. No one has shown more focus, more determination, more ethics. No one has set a clearer line they’re not willing to cross — and stayed within its margins — and yet, still managed to be the best lawyer, the best senior partner and the best friend anyone would want to have on their corner. You’re the one everyone respects!

You can try, but you won’t catch her by surprise.

Listen — now that you’ve got this — remember to give yourself the chance to live for yourself as well. All these years you’ve put your work, your friends, your conscience above your own happiness. And you know what? You deserve to be happy, too. This is merely a single step into a long life of happiness — that I hope you’ll allow yourself to have. Of success, but also of joy and dance and laughter and… love.

Katrina Bennett — no one — and I repeat no one — has worked harder to have their name on that wall. No one has sacrificed more for it. So, enjoy having BENNETT up on that wall. No one deserves it more than you do.

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