The Librarians

And the Light among Darkness 

It was my birthday weekend when I first watched The Librarians, so, last May. My mom was in the living room browsing through Netflix (I live in Brazil) and she was just starting the first episode. “You’ll want to see this one,” she said. “Yeah, I’ve been told I’d love it.” So, we started it together. 

From the very beginning, I got that feeling. You know which one, it’s that unique feeling when you watch a tv show that speaks to you so deeply, that has all the things you need in your life at that moment in time and space, is that show with that perfect balance of all your favorite things in the world, and you get that feeling. That you want that show in your life forever. That it will make you and everything around you better. And even though you watch so many shows, this feeling is rare. And feeling it instantly instead of growing it overtime, even rarer. I can count on the fingers of one hand. But there it was. #BecauseMagic 

It wasn’t just that the show was funny and eccentric, not to mention that that it involved magic, traveling through doors as portals and friendship, but it was the outlook of the show and how it portrayed the world we live in that truly got to me. I’m sure we’ve all realized we’re living in times of darkness. In a way, it seems that fiction started to get dark before real life did, as we now say reality mimics some quite recent dystopian fiction. Still, it seems that every that, the world we live in, that we walk, talk, breathe, eat, work, sleep is escaping from our control. Sometimes, it seems that the darkness from the fantasy that sorrounded it has escaped out to the world. Often, it seems like we’re powerless to fight it. 

How can we fight back the darkness? With light! And this applies to all areas of our lives. We fight evil with good and we fight unfairness with justice. We fight chaos with stability of the elements that are in our control, hoping that together we have enough control and power to make society whole again. 

Everything about The Librarians is light. And when I mean light, I don’t mean shallow plots or unidimensional characters, I mean it brings light into a world of darkness. From the photography of mostly day and colors to the personality of the characters, to a fair batter of good against evil, it gives us exactly the hope that we need: that there’s good in the world, that there’s redemption and and there’s salvation. 

From Eve, we learn that fighting for justice and for equality is paramount and that discovering a world that you didn’t think was possible shouldn’t faze you, but rather make you willing to learn and adapt. That the best way to guide and protect those we love is to encourage them to develop their strengths, work on the weaknesses, without letting themselves be held back by them, and be by their side to help fight their battles. 

From Ezekiel, we learn that self-confidence can make or break us, often both. That sometimes, we need to toughen up to ger through the hardest times and it may take a long time to let other people in, but it shouldn’t keep us from knowing how to work with a team. And that despite a painful past, we can rise and shine. 

From Stone, we learn that we don’t have to follow the oaths chosen for us in life, that we don’t need to conform to our community or society, that we should go ahead and do whatever drives our passion, what makes us burn inside. That we’re not just brain, muscles or heart, we can be all of them. 

From Flynn, we learn that intelligence and perseverance can take us a long way, that determination can help us find litwrally the impossible, but himility is what will give us love, friends, trust and a place to go home to. 

From Jenkins, we learn that chronological age means nothing, that our hearts and our minds are stronger than we think. That knowledge, loyalty, strength go hand in hand, and that even though living can get tiring, you can find a purpose, a calling. 
From Cassandra, and this is the hardest, because it’s so hard to look at her without seeing myself, we learn that the best way to fight the darkness is with light, the best way to fight death is with life. That when your days are numbered (and all of ours are), all you can do is live them to the fullest. With Cassandra, we learn that science and magic walk hand in hand, and they’re everywhere, in their world, and in ours. We learn that every little thing is a reason for joy and excitement. From Cassandra, you learn that all your senses are one with another, and now, with other people’s, and trusting them is the best way to know yourself is the world around you. And that although embracing your gift can be scary and fighting it and hiding yourself in underachieving positions may seem like a better choice, once you find your true self, you’ll find things you’ll never thought were possible. 

Last, but not least, from the Library we learn that there’s a fine balance between good and evil, and, as a society, we’re always walking that line. Once in a while, we tip one way or another, and it’s up to us to be the heroes and fight evil, darkness and keep the good always in the forefront, restore that balance. From the Library, we learn that everyone can be a hero, that they can be anywhere and very likely not realize that they are. Sometimes, all they need is a little push, a qord os encouragement, a little training or a friend. We can be any of those and all of those, any time. 

To fight the darkness that spreads so quickly through hatred, injustice, anger in today’s world, we need light. We need to spread messages of light, hope, justice. We need to spark the light, the will to fight, to do better. We need heroes to know they are there, they are a part of it and they are not alone. 

And that’s why we need The Librarians in the world right now. Because they shine that light that brings up a spark. Like visual magic artifact, created to make people shine. 

Because Magic. 


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