My Obsession with ONCE UPON A TIME…

(And why it is this season’s must watch tv show!)

If you’re my Twitter follower or Facebook friend, at some point, you must have been flooded with my million comments on how much I love ABC’s new hit ONCE UPON A TIME. If you’re my close friend, you’ve certainly received an email or phone call or message demanding you watch it, stat. If you’re a friend of friend, I’ve likely meddled in your conversations and said, “Hey, you know, there’s this new tv show called…” If you’re my mother, I’ve made you sit with me, watch the show, and enjoy it, dammit.

Hi, my name is Barbie and I have an addiction. I’m an Onceaholic. You see, it doesn’t happen often. It’s only once every few years that comes a tv show that swoops around, and has me completely, totally obsessed with it, in a way that I’ll think about it most of my waking time. It’s the last thing I’ll think about when I’m in bed, before sleeping, I’ll think about how the plot will develop, and how the twists and turns will come around and “who from the real world is who in the Fairytale world”. All right, if you haven’t seen the show, you must be thinking, “What the what?”

Here’s a little summary. The Evil Queen, Snow White’s stepmother, has cast a spell that cursed every single character in the Fairytale world and trapped them in a time/space continuum, where time never passes, in a little town called Storybrooke, Maine (get it?). They were cursed to stay there forever, under her wrath, doomed to no more happy endings. Except, that just as she was about to throw the curse, Snow White and Prince Charming placed their newborn baby in a portal to the human world, and she was transported to our world, therefore, she wasn’t affected by the curse. The story tells, then, that this baby, at 28 years old, is the one capable to break that curse. And that’s where the show begins…

Emma is that baby, that was found by the side of the road. She had never had any idea of who her parents might be. On her 28th birthday, she’s confronted by a stranger — a ten year old kid, Henry, who says he’s the son she herself gave up for adoption. Don’t worry, this isn’t really spoilers, this is the first 10 minutes of the show. So, Henry tells Emma that he is from Storybrooke, Maine, a city that is frozen in time, and she needs to go there, because she’s the only person who’s able to help all these characters from the fairytales that actually happened. Of course, she doesn’t believe him, but fears for his safety, so, she drives him there. And THAT’S when she realizes that the town may be a little weird after all. 🙂

And here’s the trailer…

Have I got you dying to watch it yet? Well, now let me say WHY I love the show. It’s not only the plot, it’s how it’s written. There’s geniality behind everything. I just adore the name puns in the show. How the Fairytale characters end up in Storybrooke, how Snow White ends up becoming Ms. Blanchard, how Little Red Riding Hood is Ruby, how the Queen’s Mirror on the wall was the reporter for the Daily Mirror and everything in between. I think just the names would be enough to make me watch it.

But it’s not just it. It’s how real the characters are. It’s funny, I hear many people saying how much they like Fairytale world, but it’s the real world that gets me going. Of course, the characters have no recollection they are book characters, they think they are people like you and me, and they live normal lives. Snow White is teacher Mary Margaret. And, in the beginning, I thought she was a big too bland, compared to kick ass Snow White from Fairytale world, but as time started passing, as she started living with Emma, Mary Margaret gained such life, that she won me over. Maybe it was the fact that she had a one night stand. You know, the most normal thing in the world, for a woman in her 30s, who’s looking for her “prince charming” in real life, just like you and me. Of course, there’s also the fact that she’s played by Ginnifer Goodwin, which is one of cutest actresses on tv. The one thing I can’t wait for is the day Snow will find out Emma is her daughter. There was this one scene they shared I already watched 349059023 times. Seriously. You guys need to get to it.

I love the relationship between Emma and Henry, how she starts to care for him, to question if her decision of putting him up for adoption was indeed the best thing for him, how she becomes protective of him. I love how he so quickly trusts her, how she begins to warm up to this trust, how she always calls him “Kid.” Henry is such a sweet, creative, lonely, dreamer of a kid, that I just want to take him home and raise him myself. I have huge protective instincts over him. And I love that Emma, who’s been such a loner all her life, having been in the foster system herself, also carries this instincts. I felt bad when Jennifer Morrison left House, but it’s been the best thing ever because it got her free to play Emma.

Of course, Henry, has been adopted by the town’s Mayor, who’s Regina Mills, the real life alter of the Evil Queen, which is the constant cause of friction. And, let me tell you, that woman is pure evil. There’s not one good bone in that woman’s body. I hate her with all my guts. I was watching an episode with my mom yesterday, and she defended her, and I didn’t. Because she hurts even Henry. And, really, I don’t believe she cares even about Henry, who’s supposed to be her son. She is marvelously interpreted by Lana Parrilla,

To add up to the action, there’s the mysterious Mr. Gold, who’s the town alter of trickster Rumpelstiltskin. And, as you know, he should not be trusted. For him, everything comes with a price. And the biggest argument with my mom has been because I trust Mr. Gold more than I trust the Mayor. And she doesn’t. See? We get invested. You just can’t NOT TO!

But I guess the character I’ve been most curious about the story is Ruby, who hasn’t gotten her own episode yet. Oh, I haven’t mentioned, the show is from the writers of Lost, so, you get real world/Fairytale world alternating each episode, always a point when the real life character needs to deal with a situation similar to the one they had to deal in Fairytale world, I guess. Or showing where they come from and how they got there. So, I’m curious about Ruby. She wears short shorts and has long hair. You’d have to see her. Her grandma has a bed and breakfast called “Granny’s”, lol. I’d never heard of Meghan Ory before, but I really like her as Ruby.

And, there’s the hot guys. I’ve kept myself from going there, because it’s a bit of a sore spot and there’s spoilers, that’s why, but let me tell you, the show is full of hot, hot guys. And, I really, really can’t wait to see the guy who plays the Big Bad Wolf. I don’t know why, I just feel he’s gonna be the hottest of all. It’s like, “Dude, it’s all right, you can eat me up.” 😛

But the most important thing about this show, is that it makes me dream. It makes me believe in magic, in fairytales, in happy endings. And, just like Mary Margaret says in the pilot, “Believing even in the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing.” And I need that. The fierce belief that there’s a happily ever after all. That’s why I read romance novels. That’s why I don’t watch movies where people die in the end. I desperately need to believe that in the end, everything will be already. That good will win over evil. That love will win over all. And, you know, I *know* that shit happens, and life gets in the way, and really, really bad things happen to good people. But believing in the possibility keeps me going. And, sometimes, I drift away from the possibility. And shows like that keep me believing. So, that’s why I love it so much. So fiercely. So obsessively.

So, what about you guys? Have you seen ONCE UPON A TIME yet? Have you loved it? Isn’t it addictive? If you haven’t, have I convinced it to try it? Do you believe in happily ever after, or, at least, the possibility of it?



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10 responses to “My Obsession with ONCE UPON A TIME…

  1. Yeah, I am a watcher too. I DVR it so I can watch it while hte munchkin is at school and not get interrupted. Is that bad??? I agree, there are a good number of hotties too. So sad about the sheriff! GRRRRRR

    • DVRing (new verb alert!) is a great thing ’cause you can rewind and watch the best parts over and over and over again. Hahaha. That’s what I do anyway! I was heartbroken about him (no pun intended!!!!), but refrained to post spoilers on the blog, you know!!! He was my favorite!!!). Yay for ONCE fans!!!! ❤

  2. I absolutely enjoyed reading this! I agree with you 100% on what you say about each and every one of the characters, and the show itself. Once Upon A Time probably is one of the greatest shows that could have ever come to TV. It’s kinda like a reminisce when I watch it, because I grew up with all these stories, but then I saw it in a “little kid” perspective. Now, watching Once, I can look at these stories in a more “grown up” perspective. And you’re so right about Snow, Emma, and Henry, and The Evil Queen, too, of course. 🙂 Snow and Emma have become people that I can idolize, as TV characters and real life. So, by reading this, gotta say it’s the best thing I’ve read all day. 🙂

    • I kinda love that you’re as obsessed with it as me, you make me feel normal, LOL!!! I LOVE their approach to the fairy tales, I should’ve added that to my blog. Maybe I should edit it. They have a very mature and adult approach to it, actually. A grown up point of view. Though, it ticks me a bit that everything seems to be related to the Evil Queen and Rumpelstiltskin.

      The friendship of Snow and Emma is probably my favorite thing about the show, as well as the bond between Emma and Henry. I know most people want to see Snow and Prince Charming getting together and having their happily ever after. Me? Mostly, I just want to see the bond between mother and children growing here 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!!!

  3. Veronica

    I haven’t seen it yet, but you made me curious. Where can I find the show?

  4. Jimmy Parham

    Very well written summary. I did not realize Brazil has television. (I am joking.)

  5. Bec

    Yes!!! FINALLY, someone who understands (I think Henry even said this!)! This show is GORGEOUS and I seriously can’t get enough! My fave character is Archie Hopper, what a beautiful story he had, as well as the Sheriff’s. I live for Monday’s (I’m in China, so watch it online)…..

    • What a lovely comment, Bec! I don’t think I’ve ever met someone whose favorite character was Archie. I have to say, I haven’t given him that much thought yet, and it pissed me when he put Regina’s interest in front of Henry’s (have I mentioned how protective I am of Henry? LOL), but he seems to have become nicer by defending him. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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