Pretty Little Critters

I know, I know, I’ve been lousy with blogging again. I’d throw a bunch of excuses at you, of how school’s been demanding and other blah blah blahs, but that’d just waste precious blog lines. Instead, I’m going to deliver my promise, since I Facebook and Tweeted I’d blog today or my name wasn’t Barbie (I know, technically, my name is Barbara), I’m writing an entry because I happen to like my nickname.

Today I’m going to talk about critters. Right about now, I can read the question in your minds: “But, Barbie, WHY? Couldn’t you have picked a, well, less disgusting subject?” Nope. No, really, I had nothing else in mind, sorry. So, let’s talk about fear. You know, what are you afraid of?

Me, I’m actually very tolerant when it comes to critters. Most people I know, and I mean the very great majority — that includes men and women, by the way — are afraid of spiders. You know, the eight legged crawling creatures that for some reason seem to terrorize too many human beings. I honestly don’t get why. I kind of… like spiders. I can’t count the times I’ve seen posts on Facebook of people freaking out about a spider in their room. There’s even a Facebook page with hundreds of thousands of likes of people who can’t sleep with spiders in their rooms. I could share my bed with one. I honestly don’t mind spiders. Sometimes one will crawl by me. If they’re pretty I’ll watch them pass by, and even say hello. Yes, I’l nice like that. The big black spiders commonly known as Black Widow? I think they’re gorgeous! I kid you not! No fear from me.

Another critter that doesn’t frighten me the slightest are snakes. Actually, I think they’re beautiful, beautiful animals. Their skin is elegant, their colors are bright, their eyes are intense. They’re mesmerizing creatures. Honestly, I admire snakes. In fact, I’ve petted one before, and I’ve got a picture to prove it. I’m just not scared by them, at all.

Me petting a Snake — Susana was my classmate’s Rafael’s snake he brought to class once as a “surprise element” for class. So funny.

Same goes for rats. I think they’re awfully cute!!! Rats of all shapes and sizes, you know? From the little hamsters people raise in little cages that go in running wheels and even those big fat ones that might as well be dogs. Rats are fluffy and cute! Not scary.

I’m not generally scared of bugs, either. You’d take I’m a real daredevil and no critter would scare me, right? Think again. If you want to see me have a “girly girl” attack like no other, put a cockroach in the same room as me. No, really, I’ll scream bloody fucking murder. I’m TERRIFIED of roaches. I’m absolutely positive they’re allies of the Devil, and I don’t even believe there’s such thing as the Devil, that’s how much I hate them. I think there’s no creature more disgusting, nerve-wracking, terrifying than those little brown monsters. Mind you, I can’t imagine how they’d hurt me, still, the feeling that they’d come near me, or my Lord, over me, is of PURE PANIC. I can’t even think about it to write, so, I’m ending this post with that.

Tell me, guys, what critters are you scared of? Are you guys scared of spiders? Do you think snakes are beautiful? Don’t you think roaches are the evilest creatures EVER



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6 responses to “Pretty Little Critters

  1. I’m not scared of spiders, but I don’t like them. I can live with little ones, because they catch the mosquitos and stuff, but the bigger ones? The fat hairy ones are going to die, when I see them. When they crawl along my floor or my wall, I grab a shoe and kill them. I can do that all by myself. There are people who I know who run out of the room screaming for their daddy to kill them.
    But I love snakes! When we were on holiday I got a picture taken with three ones around my neck. It felt a little funny, but a good funny. I don’t think I would have felt that good with a giant Boa, but a little one was prefectly good.
    And I can understand the feeling about cockroaches. HATE them

    • See? I admire a woman who doesn’t run to her daddy about spiders! I don’t get what’s so scary about them! I get killing them, though. As I’m no specialist, I do understand they should die, for I wouldn’t know whether they’re poisonous or not. AND OMG, I want a picture with three snakes around my neck, too! You’ll have to show it too me. I don’t know how I’d feel with a Boa, you know, the whole “constrictor” thing, but, still. I like them!! πŸ™‚

      Cockroaches are evil. I’m starting to see it’s unanimous! Thanks for stopping by, Steffi. So good to have you here!

  2. I’m with you on this, BB. Roaches are Satan’s embodiment on Earth. DIE, ROACHES, DIE ALREADY!!!

    • My sentiments exactly, LOL!!!!! Roaches are the WORST kind of species ever known to men. I really don’t get their point. And it’s obvious they’re Satan’s, I mean, had they been God’s, I’m *sure* He’d’ve made them cute. Like pink and furry. With ears! πŸ˜‰

      Always nice to have you here, Bia!!! So flattered! πŸ˜€

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