Funky Little Pictures Painted On My Body

First of all, I have to say I stole the title from an email a friend sent me once. Friend, if you’re reading this, I’m really sorry for my lack of creativity. I meant to ask you, but I know you’re busy and I didn’t want to bother with such little thing. So, anyway, I’m sure you guys got the drill, I’m talking about my tattoos. If you’re my friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter (unfortunately, I haven’t been to school yet, so, real life people have had to wait a bit), you must know I got a new tattoo yesterday. I might have mentioned it once or twenty times twice.

What did I get, you must be asking yourself? Here, have a look:

Pretty, isn’t it??? I absolutely love it. I’m gonna end up straining a neck muscle looking at it.

This baby is my 8th tattoo. And I’d like to talk to you guys a bit about tattoos in general and about mine. I’ve wanted a tattoo since I can remember. I was very little when I went with my mom for her to get one and I wanted one for myself since then. Of course, my mom being a tattoo lover herself, she never had a problem with it. She always supported me in my decision of getting a tattoo. But it wasn’t until I was 14 that I finally got my first. I’m thinking about half of you are shaking your heads at the early age. Thinking words like “regret” “immature” “clueless” or something of the sort. Let me tell you, I knew exactly what I was doing at fourteen.

But since when do teenagers know what they’re doing? I’m betting that’s your argument. Well, I wasn’t your average teenager to start with. But that’s not what I’m going with. It’s just… The images I’ve chosen, since then, are images that I truly love, and, of course, I’ve envisioned being part of me for the rest of my life. Obviously, I don’t think I’ll regret getting my tattoos or I wouldn’t have gotten them, but if I ever do get sick of the pictures, I’ll understand that it is something that meant a lot for me at the time I chose. So, either way, even if at 40, the little fairy I chose doesn’t mean the same, it’s still part of my History, it’s still something that was so important for the 14 year old girl that I was. And I will want that on me. That’s how I see it.

Everyone’s always asking what my tattoos means, so, I thought I’d make a little display with pictures and a little explanation. Some of them mean a lot to me. Others don’t really have a meaning. Like I always say, though, you don’t choose the tattoo, the tattoo chooses you, so, I’ve had little to no control over the images I’ve gotten.

The very first tattoo I ever got was this one, my mom instantly named her Crystal (doesn’t she look JUST like a Crystal?). The moment I looked at her I knew she was made for me. I knew I wanted to tattoo a fairy beforehand, I think.

I got my second tattoo at 17, and everyone seems to love it much more than I do. Maybe it’s because it’s under my neck, maybe it’s because it’s the only one of my tattoos who didn’t really grab me and begged me to live on my body, I don’t know. I love it, but it’s, of all of my tattoos, the one I like less. I named it, after a long time, because I couldn’t think of a name. Eventually, it became Misty, short from Mystery, because it’s on my back and I could never see it.

My third tattoo was a funny story because the second I saw her, I knew, she had to be mine, on me. But there was a problem. She was a fairy. Sitting on a moon. Umm… dejá-vu, anyone? Yeah. I looked through literally hundreds of others and nothing. I could only think about her. It had to be her. With my heart heavy, I asked the tattoo guy, “What do I do?” and he said, “Well, why don’t we turn her into something else?” So, we did. She went from a fairy to a witch, the moon became a mushroom, and I even thought she could use a little friend and asked him to draw up a black cat. Their names, Allie & Nerf, were natural and instant, and this is how they turned out.

My fourth tattoo was the first one I went to get knowing exactly what I wanted. It happened like this. My mom saw this cute — in a weird way — picture online and called to show me, and the second I saw it, I said, “I have to tattoo that.” She was like “YOU WHAT?” At first, she was shocked, then, she grew fonder to the idea. Honestly, you have to love my little Freek (yes, this spelling).

For my fifth triquetra: a Wicca symbol that represents equilibrium, and, it was the symbol for my favorite show ever, CHARMED. It symbolized their powers as sisters, so, it also represents family to me. So, I like to think of it as the bond between me, my mom and my brother. Here it is.

My sixth tattoo is perhaps the one with the most meaning to me. I wasn’t really sure what I get on my way there. I was actually thinking of getting something else (which I still haven’t). I was half way to the parlor, when I got the idea. You all know I write. Well, there’s this series of stories, the Best Friends Forever series, in which the characters got a tattoo when they were out of High School, to make their friendship forever. They got a four leaf clover for luck. In each of the leaves, a symbol. A star for Sarah, an actress, who was born to shine. A butterfly for Becca, who was always growing into something beautiful, a flower for Jen, who’s sweet as a rose, and a heart for Meghan, whose last name is Hart. I decided to get their tattoo on me. It looks exactly like I imagined and I absolutely love it. Take a look.

I won’t go too deep into the seventh, but, basically, I asked a friend for help because I wanted a tattoo and didn’t know what to get, I wanted something that looked like me. She Googled “Bipolar” (I know, right?) and came up with this little guy I immediately fell in love with, and, once more, just knew. Thank you sooo much, Trish! 🙂

Wait! Don’t go yet. I still have a few more things to say! You’re probably thinking: “But… you’re TWENTY-THREE. You have EIGHT tattoos. How do you ever expect to, you know, like, get a job?” Glad you asked! Well, my tattoos are, firstly, easily hidden. Even my wrist tattoo can be done with by using the right bracelet or long sleeves. And, to be perfectly and completely honest with you, if someone turns me down because I have tattoo, I’d rather not have the job. I don’t want to work for someone who has such narrow mind.

Tattoos are nothing but pictures on my skin. They don’t make me dumber, they don’t make me aggressive, they don’t make me incapable of performing a task right. On the contrary, have you met? I’m quite smart (I don’t want to brag, I promise), I’m the sweetest person, and bordering obsessive with wanting to be perfect. Would the fact that I chose to have drawings on my body (and, really, can they get any cuter????) make me a less than ideal candidate for the job I choose? I don’t think so.

I think that’s it for now. Let’s talk about tattoos, shall we? Do you have any tattoos? Do want want any? Do you want more? Do you even like tattoos? Aren’t mine cute??? Do you think tattoos make people any different? Comment!!! 😀



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12 responses to “Funky Little Pictures Painted On My Body

  1. Iara

    Olha, eu aaamo tatuagens! Se eu pudesse, teria muito mais que essa minha filha única. O meu problema, diferente de ti, é minha mãe. Tua mãe é um fofa nesse aspecto, né? hehe A minha já fica “toda assim” em relação a piercings e tatuagens, principalmente por causa do futuro… Ou porque eu posso enjoar, ou porque eu posso não conseguir um emprego por causa delas. É um saco, eu sei, mas enfim… A tua tatuagem que eu mais gostava era a tua penúltima (mesmo eu tendo dito que ela era emo hehe), mas é que eu gosto da cor dela, mas depois… minha preferida passou a ser esse símbolo o pulso, depois de saber o “significado” dela! :))
    E é como tu disse, ninguém muda por causa de um desenho marcado na pele. Ninguém se torca menos inteligente ou mais “vagabundo” porque tem uma tatuagem. Meu irmão diz, idiotamente, que “toda tatuagem tem um marginal, todo marginal tem uma tatuagem”, algo assim.
    Tem gente que seria capaz de deixar de se consultar com um médico, por exemplo, por causa de uma tatuagem… o que eu acho ridículo, mas existe. Enfim, né?

    • Eu acho fantástico isso de deixar de consultar um médico porque tem uma tatuagem, né??? Como se realmente, um risco na pele matasse células cerebrais ou coisa do tipo. Aiaiaiai, me poupe, Ave Maria. Minha mãe, é, de fato, a mais fofa de todas nessa aspecto. Desde que eu pedi, com uns doze anos de idade, ela disse que eu podia e pronto.

      Espero que a medida que tu for “crescendo”, e conseguindo mais estabilidade financeira, em relação a emprego e tal, tu vá fazendo mais tatuagens também!!! 😀

  2. Trish

    You’re welcome!!! 🙂

    I’m still waiting to get my first tat. I’ll get it eventually. Maybe you can help me find my perfect design.


  3. Diane

    I love your stars [and most of the rest of your tatts]! I can’t remember when I started wanting a tattoo ~ I know it was within the last 15 years because I wanted one related to my hubby. He thought it was a horrible idea. My daughter, Sarah, actually tattooed herself [EEK!] when she was in high school. As soon as she moved out – she became a tattoo queen. After she died, I just KNEW I had to get a memorial tattoo for her. I honestly looked at over 700 tattoo designs before I found “The One.” Yes… It Chose Me. I just knew it was perfect when I found it. It’s a stylized dragonfly and I reversed the design so that two sections of the tail form her initials S.C. ~ Sarah Christine. So far, it’s the only tattoo I have, but I’m really thinking about another. This one is on my upper left back and I can’t see it at all – even if I try and strain my neck. I want one where I can see it easily. Now if I can just explain this to my hubby…..

    • MOST of the rest??? Which one of mine don’t you like???? 😦

      You know, if I ever get married, my husband will just have to accept my love for tattoos. I think I’d be extremely irked at a guy if he complained about my wanting to get a tattoo on MY body, as if somehow it belonged to him. If I were you I’d go ahead and get the tattoo for YOU!!!

      I’m glad you found the perfect perfect one to honor your Sarah!!!! Or, it found you. It was meant to be yours 🙂

  4. I like all your tattoos! Exactly what I imagined Hayley meant by “girly tattoo” in Red Lily (Nora Roberts). I think my favourite are the first and the last one you got. 😉

    I have a specific idea for a tattoo I’d really like to get, and blogs like yours make me think: what am I waiting for?? TBH, it’s not the permanence of a tattoo which bothers me, as much as the pain. I’m a real wimp :$ But I’d also need to draw it properly, and I haven’t drawn anything in ages.

    • Asia, I think “girly tattoo” is a great definition for mine. They’re very girly. I hate it when people say tattoos are “gansta”. I mean, really??? Is there anything less gansta than a cute fairy??? 😛

      The pain — depending on there place where you’ll want it, it really doesn’t hurt that much. Honest. And some tattooists will let you let you use some sort of anesthetist cream (mine won’t). But, really, it isn’t excruciating pain. And, drawing, the tattooist will also help you with that 🙂

      I say GO FOR IT!!!! 😀

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