Where Babies Come From (aka Babies in Cages)

Don’t worry, you’re not up for a Biology lesson. I never really liked Biology much to start with. But let’s talk about where babies come from, shall we? It’s a dicey topic, I know. And, you’re probably shaking your head right now, thinking, of course you know where babies come from, if you’re old enough to read this blog, you’re old enough to know your business. But… do you??? Let me tell you a little story…

I must have been about three or four when in my full innocence, I went up to my mother and asked her one of the most feared questions to parents (especially first time parents): “Mommy, where do babies come from?” (mind you, I don’t actually *remember* how it happened, I remember bits of it, so, the dialogue is all fluff). Of course, like any mother would hearing that question from her little angel, my mom blanched, then gasped, then coughed, gulped for air, took a deep breath. I assume she was debating what to tell me. She let out her breath slowly, as she decided I was old enough to know the truth. So, she told me where babies come from.

She told me she and my daddy really wanted a baby girl, so, they went to the baby store. Yes, I said the baby store. There, she told me, the babies were kept in little cages. Not like animals, of courses, but cages, to make sure they didn’t escape and they were safe. They looked through hundreds of cages, many, many little, cute, chubby babies, trying to find the perfect baby just for them. They surveyed little eyes and feet and finally, finally, picked the most beautiful little girl to take home with them. A sweet, kind, perfect little girl they chose to name Barbara. Me. Of course, for my little innocent mind, that story was more than satisfying. I thoroughly believed it and happily went along with it for years.

It wasn’t until my mom got pregnant with my brother and there was a baby in her belly that I started to get a little suspicious that the whole baby in cages at the baby store story was a bit edgy. Eventually, she told me the “truth”, because I remember that by mid-third grade I was discussing “the facts of life” with all my third grade little friends. But, you know what??? I don’t remember that conversation. I don’t remember the details. I just know that I eventually learned that. But I’ll always remember all about the baby store and choosing the perfect baby.

And, let’s be real here. If I think about it, my parents and all (ew!), I very, very, very much prefer the baby in cages at the baby store story. So much, that’s what I’m telling my children someday when they’re young enough to believe it. I think it’s a beautiful memory! 🙂

So, tell me, readers. What did your parents tell you when you asked them about where babies come from? What did you tell your children? Did you tell them the truth or did you tell them a story? Stork? Anyone else came from the baby store like me? I’d love to know…



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19 responses to “Where Babies Come From (aka Babies in Cages)

  1. I really can’t remember who told me where babies come from neither what story was I told, but I find your story very cute!
    Just have a hard time imagining babies in cages… Maybe because I’m so used to seeing pregnant women having babies and holding them right afterwards….

  2. Really cute story the one your parents told you!
    I can’t really remember who told me where babies come from neither what they came up with…
    The only part I found strange was imagining babies in cages… Maybe because I’m so used to seeing pregnant women having their children and holding them right after they’re born… =D

    • I love that story, I always think about it and my heart swells with love!!! Babies in cages are kinda cute, though! Like, in the picture!!!

      You’re going to be the best baby doctor in the world, by the way! I love how you love the babies and holding them and squeezing them! 😀

  3. Liana

    Eu engasguei, tossi, corei, e finalmente pensei, o que uma criança tão pequenina poderia aproveitar de uma “aula de biologia” ? Melhor uma linda fábula, uma história q deixasse claro o qunato ela foi, desejada, e o cuidado que tivemos para escolher a criança PERFEITA, que ela era( e sempre vai ser): linda, inteligente, fofa, engraçada e muito, muito danada. Sem pre BÁRBARA.

  4. Verônica

    Well, I don’t ever recall having such a conversation with my mother. But I’ve already told my daughter many times how she came to this world. First of all, she was a little angel in Heaven and God decided to send her to Earth, so she was placed in my tummy and started growing, until she was ready to be born.
    The funny thing is that whenever she’s upset about something she says she wanted to be an angel instead of being a child… As if her problems were THAT huge… lol

    • Didn’t she ask HOW she was placed in your tummy? What happened to children’s curiosity??? and little girls are so dramatic!!! Just wait till she’s a teenager, LOL 🙂

  5. Samara

    A minha história foi a da sementinha que é a mais proxima da realidade,rs Mas não foi algo que levei por muito tempo. Sempre fui meio cética, nunca acreditei nem em papai noel,rs

    • É, tu sempre pareceu bem cética pra mim! A história da sementinha é bem real, mesmo! Tu vai falar pro teus filhos a verdade também? E dizer que Papai Noel não existe??? 😦 Ou vai inventar um historinha bonitinha até eles serem grandes o suficiente para a verdade? 😀

  6. Veronica

    Two days ago my daughter’s 6th tooth fell off and this time we forgot to place the coin under her pillow. She was really upset with the toothfairy! : S

  7. I don’t think I ever asked my parents that (though if I was really little, I may simply not remember). When I was about 5 or 6, I read about it in a book with drawings. It was like a biology book for children that I got out of my school’s library. It showed a naked man lying on top a naked woman, but of course you couldn’t see any genitalia. I remember finding it weird that the man was on top, because he was bigger and likely to crush the woman, right? Ha ha ha.

    The thought of my parents having relations doesn’t gross me out, though my imagination simply cannot stretch very far in that area, which is probably for the best. 😉

    The concept of babies in cages reminds me that when I was born, I suffered from jaundice and they had to keep me at the hospital for a few extra days. Apparently they treated me with some kind of light that required I wear baby sunglasses, and for some reason I’ve always pictured myself staying in a sort of cage during that time. Guess that was my idea of a hospital: adults are kept in beds, and babies in cages. 😛

    • I think I’d find it extremely weird if I’d seen a picture book, even without genitalia!

      And that’s the beauty of the baby store story — I never have to picture my parents doing anything other than going to a store — where babies are kept in little cages, of course — and browsing for their little angels. It does wonders for ones mental images, I guarantee you 😛

      And, awwww, BABY SUNGLASSES! In a cage! Sounds super cute to me! 😀

  8. Trish

    I don’t ever remember having “the talk” with my mom and I don’t think I ever asked her “the question”. What I do remember, to this day, is the terrifying image put in my head when I was in the 4th or 5th grade. They separated all the boys and girls and gave us a talk about our “changing bodies”. We were told about, gasp, our periods and what to expect. The thing I remember about that day? Someone telling us that if we don’t take care of ourselves, someday we’ll be at church, wearing a white skirt and when we stand up our backside will be covered in… I’ll spare you but I’m sure you can figure it out. I’ve been mortified of “unexpected” starts ever since!!

    And I love the pic! I’ve always wondered if anyone actually owned one of those things. My cat would love one!!!

    • Yikes, what a way to scare a child! “Hey, by the way, you’ll be wearing white some day and…” One could only pray she’d not get her period on a Sunday. I think we got a talk like that in 4th grade. I remember them talking about how guys could choose when they ejaculated, and I thought, “Hey, why can’t girls choose the day they get their period, too?” There I was innocently thinking guys, like girls, had to get it like, once a month, too.

      I totally want one of those things for my kids. For real! 🙂

  9. Diane

    Ahhh ~ reminds me of my daughter’s first question, “What does a boy dog have to do with a girl dog having puppies!??” I believe that I gave a reasonably factual, if vague, explanation. And as far as where do babies come from: I resorted to a very nice library book (like Asia). Neatest thing about that book was there were two verions printed together. One in larger type to be read by or to a young child and another lengthier version that went into greater “detail.”

    • You know what, D??? I think explaining how things work for pets might be a great way to open the door for talking about how it happens with humans. I’d never really thought of that. It’s really a great point!!! 🙂

  10. Bia Figueiredo

    Seems like your blog has definitely taken off… Props to you, Barbie!!

    BTW, can’t remember how I found out about babies… Isn’t that a bummer?

    • Isn’t that so awesome? I’m definitely getting more comments than before! 😀

      Yup, a bummer, finding out about babies always make good stories, I think! Thanks for reading!

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